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  Timber framing is an ancient building style that utilizes large timbers and handcrafted joinery to create beautiful and inviting homes.  The main goal of Grand Oaks Academy of Timber Framing is to be an educational program which will introduce and cultivate an appreciation for the craft of timber framing.  The workshops are designed to take you from the raw pile of timbers to a handcrafted timber frame.  Working with timbers requires participants to utilize their minds along with the rewarding satisfaction of working with their hands.  The process of building a timber frame is as important in the craft as the completed structure.  The spirit of cooperation that comes from a group of people with a common goal is a very beneficial product of timber framing.  If you have always dreamed of building a timber frame, but just did not know where to begin, we can provide you the opportunity to get started. 

Workshop Dates for 2023
Spring Workshop               FallWorkshop      APRIL 22 - 26 , 2024                        OCT  7 - 1, 2024
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"Excellent workshop! 
 Great for beginners to experienced woodworker."   E. S., Pennsylvania
One must learn by doing the thing, for though you think you know it you have no certainity until you try.
           - Aristotle
Introduction to Timberframing Workshop Description
Each timber frame course is designed to provide you with the full experience of cutting and preparing a timber frame that can be raised by hand.  The skills and techniques used in constructing this workshop timber frame could be applied to the cutting of any size timber frame.  The beauty and strength of a timber frame will make you appreciate the extra effort that is involved in this ancient form of construction!

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Individualized and personal instruction 

 Materials and tools necessary to cut the timber frame  
(Participants provide some hand tools CLICK HERE FOR LIST)

A rewarding and satisfying experience guaranteed!

Introduction to skills needed to cut and raise a Timber Frame!
Who would benefit from attending a timber frame course?

* Future home builders *
* Architecture students *
* People who like to solve BIG puzzles *
* Someone seeking a career change *
* Alternative home builders *
* Employee workshop to emphasize teamwork *
* Do-it-yourselfers *
*History buffs who want to experience history*
* Anyone who loves and enjoys working with wood *

  Cutting a timber frame is a truly a unique experience that you will want to be a part of.  Also, the demand for timber frame homes is increasing and the need for skilled timber frame craftsmen is growing.  This course can help you get started in the craft of timber framing!
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   GOTF Alumni Projects
Click here to see timber frames built by students of past workshops.
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Although no experience timber framing is required to participate in a workshop, some basic carpentry or wood working skills are necessary to be a full participant in the workshops.
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 understanding it is established; 
through knowledge its rooms are filled
 with rare and beautiful treasures.
             Proverbs 24:3-4
March 2003 Workshop
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