This timber framing workshop was held on the property of Tom and Karen Dearlove in Bristow, Indiana.  Tom attended a workshop in the fall of 2003 at Grand Oaks and we made plans to have workshop on his farm in the fall of 2004.  
  Unfortunately, Tom was
called to work on a Hurricane
Relief Crew in Florida the
Sunday the workshop started 
and missed out on the entire 
week.  Karen stepped up, 
though, and was a gracious 
hostess for the entire week!
  It was a perfect week for timber framing and we cut a 16' x 24' timber frame out of white pine.  The raising was attended by members of the local community and friends and family of the workshop participants.  We even had a local bluegrass band come and play for the raising.  It was a wonderful week and nice looking timber frame was cut by a great group of fellows!
Grand Oaks Timber Framing
A Hoosier Timber Framing Workshop
       September 26 - October 2, 2004 Workshop
in Bristow, Indiana
 Posts - The timbers that tie everything                                together.
Discussing the days work at the end of the day.
Setting up the chain mortiser.
Timber framing is for the young and the young at heart.  This was a multi-generation timber framing project including one young man of 17 years and a father-in-law / son-in-law pair of participants.
Assembling the bents together.
Cutting the long tenon on the king post.
Cutting the bird's mouth joint on the end of the rafter.
 Drilling out a mortise for the king post.
Pegging the side of the timber frame together in preparation of the raising.
THE SANDMAN - Where's the next timber?
Trial fitting the rafters before raising is to begin.
Raising Day is here!  The walls go up! 
The almost completed timber frame.  We needed to leave a few purlins for Tom to cut when he returns from Florida!
There was some nice joinery work on this frame.  Here is a corner worthy of a timber frame picture book!
Karen, our hostess for the week, attaches the traditional pine bough to the rafter peak.
History was made again on October 2, 2004 with another hand raised timber frame by Grand Oaks Academy of Timber Framing!

Bring on the rafters!
...I was so impressed with how I actually understood what I was doing and why, and how my joints turned out that I now have a passion for timber framing. I attribute this to Scott's attention to detail and his own passion...
Greg B., Ohio

Here are a couple of photos sent by Tom showing the progress of the timber frame, before and after the big snowstorm of December, 2004!!
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