Grand Oaks Timber Framing

Tools required of the participant for the
Timber Framing Course
* 26 oz wooden mallet (available from
* 1 1/2" Timber Framing Chisel (I recommend a Barr Chisel available from  
25 foot good quality tape measure
* 12" Swanson Speed Square
* Good quality framing square
* Good quality combination square
* Safety glasses and ear protection
* Carpenter pencils
* 8" outside calipers
* Stanley Fat Max cross-cut saw, 8 or 9 TPI (or a Japanese Pull Saw)
* Small hand plane (optional)
* Slick (optional)
* Sturdy work shoes

  If you have a contractor grade circular saw or larger circular saw that you are comfortable using you can bring it if you like, but there will be circular saws provided for use in the course.

Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle which fits them all. 
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