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Grand Oaks 
Timber Framing

Grand Oaks Timber Framing is located near Lebanon, Tennessee, just southeast of Nashville. The address is 1008 Gwynn Road, Lebanon, TN 37090. The phone number is 731-707-0742.
  Grand Oaks Timber Framing will work with you personally to build you the timber frame home that you want.  You will be working directly with Scott Stevens, the owner and founder of Grand Oaks Timber Framing, and not with a sales person trying to sell you something.  Timber Framing is about people creating unique structures and Scott will help you realize your dream! The goal of Grand Oaks Timber Framing is to create a unique timber frame structure that will meet your needs.
In our fast paced world where everything has to be done yesterday, timber framing forces you to slow down.  Moving an 8" x 8" oak timber takes a lot more planning than laying a 2" x 4" board on the saw horse.  Drawing out and cutting the joints for a bent requires us to use our mental skills that are being lost by those who are nailing up prefabricated roof rafters. 
Participating in a workshop with Grand Oaks Timber Framing, which takes you from the raw pile of timbers through the steps of cutting joinery to raising the timber frame by hand, reminds me of helping your Grandmother in the kitchen while she is baking bread.  There is no comparison between the process of baking fresh bread, the aroma, the interaction of people, the warm hearth and to store bought Wonder bread.  Timber frame construction is a natural, long term form of construction that was losing out to the quick profits of fast, stick built housing construction.  Though like many things from the past, timber framing is making a revival and more people are seeing the benefits of looking to the past for the construction techniques of the future. 
It is possible to cut a timber frame on your own, but timber framing 
is the essence of sharing and cooperation.  One of the joys of the craft of timber framing is sharing the experience with others.  It is the carpenter's version of quilt making. Grand Oaks has had participants who are doctors, lawyers, carpenters, military, small business owners, mechanics,firemen, young, old, high schoolers, retired,
                                  realtors, pastors, people from all walks of life. 
                                  The one thing that is common to all, is they                                              have a love for building with wood and without a                                     doubt have a positive atittude towards life.  Just                                       by being interested in timber framing, Scott 
already knows that they are the cream of the 
                                     Grand Oaks Academy of Timber Framing
      provides the opportunity to bring 
people together who have a common dream of 
building a timber frame.  There is something 
theraputic about starting with raw materials of green timbers and crafting with your hands something as strong and beautiful as a timber frame.  You have a real sense of accomplishment when you have put together a structure that is strong enough that it may be standing 200 -300 years from now!
  Scott who has had the opportunity to work, live and play in many places, from Alaska to TanZania in many roles, such as a business owner, construction worker, forester, musician, park ranger, Peace Corps Volunteer, teacher, writer and now timber framer invites you to sign up for a timber framing course.  It will be a very rewarding experience.
  If you have a plan for a timber frame in your future, but not the time or skills to cut your own timber frame, Grand Oaks will design and cut the timber frame of your dreams for you.  Just contact Scott to get started with the process.
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Along with creating and cutting unique timber frame buildings, another goal of Grand Oaks Timber Framing is to provide experiential learning opportunities for people interested in timber framing.  Scott, as a timber frame apprentice saw a demand and need for a comprehensive course that would take do-it-yourself timber framers through the process of timber framing.  He wanted to provide the opportunity for people to go through the entire process of timber framing, which is as important as the final product. 
"But if we live in the light, as God is in the light, we can share fellowship with each other.  Then the blood of Jesus, God's Son, cleanses us from every sin.  If we say we have no sin, we are fooling ourselves, and the truth is not in us."
                          1 John 1:7-8