Memphis Pool House Rafters
Grand Oaks Timber Framing

Timber framed rafters can be incorporated in to other types of construction.  By utilizing timber framed rafters your can create a beautiful addition to any construction project.  These rafters were cut to be the centerpiece of the Spanish style pool house.
Working with the property owner through the internet and over the telephone these rafters were designed and cut at Grand Oaks Timber Framing.  They were trial fitted, sanded, oiled and then transported to the project site in Memphis.
The location of the pool house was inaccessible to a crane so the rafters were hand raised into position with a crew of about 7 people.  The rafters were bolted to the top of the concrete walls, but all of the rest of the joinery was traditional and was pegged together.
The oak rafters were covered with 2" x 8" rough cut cypress boards.  The owner was looking for a rustic effect so the oak timbers were also unplaned.  The roof will be covered with clay tiles.
When the project is completed, the owners will have a unique outdoor space to entertain guests.  Guests and visitors will be admiring the large oak beams in this pool house for many, many years!
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